In the 21st Century, having a website is not only expected, it is required. Having a website gives a certain fundamental level of credibility to an organization, however any ministry that does not have a website is typically viewed as less than credible. In fact when a young adult or family is considering a visit to your ministry one of the first things they will want to do is check out your website. This allows them to get a feel for your ministry before actually deciding to attend. These young people have grown up in a world where all credible organizations have websites. So what do you suppose not having a website says to them?

I recall one conversation with a pastor who did not have a website and tried to invite a guest speaker in to a conference he was hosting. When he got in touch with the guest speaker they asked for his website address. To this the pastor had to respond that he did not have a website. The conversation proceeded to go downhill from there and the guest speaker eventually declined. Why? Credibility. The guest speaker didn’t know this pastor or ministry and was planning to review their website to get a feel for the ministry. But the fact that they didn’t have a website communicated clearly to the guest speaker that the ministry was not credible.

“But I have a website”, you may say. Wonderful. But now you must stop to consider what type of presentation your website makes on your behalf. Does it make a mediocre presentation or an excellent presentation? If that same young person were considering two churches and one had a mediocre online presentation but the other had a great online presentation, which church do you think they will visit?

The fact is that your ministry simply will not be taken serious by potential members as well as other organizations if you don’t have a website that represents you in excellence.

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