The Importance of Your Domain Name

Most people understand the importance and value of real estate at some level. One thing that makes real estate so valuable is that there is only one unique address for each section of real estate. Well your domain name is literally “cyber-real estate”. Unfortunately many ministries that I come across don’t really understand how valuable their domain name really is. This is evidenced by how careless many are with it. I have literally seen ministries that had the perfect domain name, lose it forever, simply because they didn’t respond to the email reminder to renew it on time. Then once it became available to the public market someone else took their perfect domain name and they never saw it again.

Still other ministries have lost their domain name because they allowed a member to secure it for them. Then when the member fell out with or left the ministry, they ended up losing the domain name because the member would not communicate or allow the church to renew it.

These are very unfortunate examples of cases that we see all the time. Therefore our counsel to all our clients is that the domain name is your valuable property. Your name as the pastor or founder should be on the registration of the domain name. Secondly you should NEVER have a member managing the domain name. Instead either manage it yourself or hire a company to manage it for you. In either case, however, you MUST be listed as the “owner” of the domain name, so no one can hold it hostage.

Remember, your domain name is valuable. It is the virtual address of your ministry or organization. It is how people locate you on the Internet. If you lose it you could very well lose a portion of your audience. So be a good steward of this valuable piece of cyber real estate.

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