A Father Again

It has been said that men are the basic building blocks of society. If this is true, then one foundational reason why our society is in such disrepair is because collectively men are in a state of disrepair. In fact the only reason why the family has not completely fallen apart in most cases, where the man is not present, is because of strong women and mothers. Yet the problems in our society and in our families can only really be fixed by godly men standing up to be examples of what real husbands and fathers are.

Our society is filled with adult males who know nothing about being a “man” or “father”. This has produced a generation of fatherless children. These children are not fatherless because their father’s are necessarily dead, but rather because they are AWOL (absent without leave). They have abdicated their roles and responsibilities. Now these fatherless children roam around through life, many without a healthy self esteem, self worth or sense of purpose. They are lacking all the things that the father should have provided.

The heart of the Father God groans over this and He longs to reach out to these children and young people. Because so many men have abdicated their place of responsibility in their families and in society at large, godly men who sense the heart of the Father, must stand up and fill the gap. Perhaps you have already successfully raised your children in the fear of God. But can you hear the voice of the Lord asking, “do you have the courage to be A Father Again”.

If you do sense the heart of the Father concerning this, you needn’t be overwhelmed with the size and scope of the problem. God only needs you to impact one child or family at a time. Look for that one child or single parent household where you can become a godly influence. God doesn’t expect us to solve all of society’s problems, but can you reach out to one single parent family in your church or neighborhood? Can you be a conduit of God’s love to one family or fatherless child?

The Father longs to reach out to fatherless children, but He is limited by us. Yes that’s right God Almighty is limited in what he can do in the lives of fatherless children. Only godly men who answer the call can remove those limitations, as they give themselves to God and allow his heart of compassion to reach out through them.

Understand one thing, fatherless children, are near and dear to the heart of God the Father. So let God give you the courage to be that godly father and example that speaks into the lives of children whose biological fathers are AWOL. Most of them have various problems as a result of the absence of their fathers, but you can win them over with love, kindness and encouragement. Tell them how special they are and give them a sense of purpose and destiny. Always point them to God. Never focus on the negative, always focus on and encourage the positive. Look for what they do well and speak to that. The fatherless children are longing for a godly man and father figure to speak positive things to them. They’ve had enough negative things spoken over them. So let God speak through you with words that build them up and encourage them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the godly men who respond to the heart of God and  display the courage to be A Father Again. Great will be your reward both in this life and in the life to come.

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