Don’t Leave Money on the Table

If you are not set up to receive credit card donations through your website and/or LIVE services, you are leaving money on the table. Increasingly more and more people prefer to use credit / debit cards for financial transactions as opposed to cash and checks. Just like businesses, churches and ministries must understand this and cater to their audience. How many successful businesses do you know that only accept cash and checks?

The fact is that if you want your church to be profitable you can’t limit people in how they make contributions. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I ran across your website and saw a video sermon that greatly blessed me and I feel compelled to sow into your ministry. But as I search for how to make my contribution I don’t see any way to make a credit card donation. Instead there is a note to mail my check to your address. Now how many people do you think are going to take the time to write out a check, put it in an envelope, fill out the envelope, put a stamp on it and then take it to a mailbox? You’d be very fortunate to get one in a hundred to go through all that trouble these days. We must face the fact that people expect convenience. They expect it to be easy for them to make a contribution to your ministry.

In this day and time that we live in, people simply will not go through that much trouble in order to give you their money. This is why we say if you don’t accept credit card donations on your website you are leaving money on the table. How much? You will probably never know. But let me tell you one story I heard about. I know of a church in California who lost out on a very large sum of money (thousands of dollars) because when the person received the funds she was unable to get in touch with anyone in the church office who could answer a few basic questions. When she couldn’t get in touch with anyone at the ministry of her first choice, she went to her second option, a larger television ministry, who answered the phone and was happy to accommodate her.

Just as this ministry lost out on this large contribution because they didn’t make it easy for the donor, the ministry that does not accept credit cards is unknowingly losing out on all sorts of contributions. When you add time into the equation it could easily equal tens of thousands of dollars being left on the table. So does your ministry have so much money that it can afford to leave that much on the table?

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