The Importance of Your Website Strategy

All successful people would agree that working at the strategic level is more profitable than working at the tactical level. Nothing beats having a clearly defined strategic plan for how you will operate in any specific area. Having a strong strategy is the key behind all success.

Sound strategy starts with having the right goal. – Michael Porter

Yet most ministries don’t have a clearly defined strategy as it relates to their website. All too often ministries are content to just say “we have a website also”. But because they have no strategy for their website all it really does is sit there and hopefully look pretty. But is that enough?

I would argue that this is not enough. We believe that your website should be the central hub of communications for your ministry. So if you have a strategy for your ministry, how can you not have a strategy for the website?

Your website has the potential to allow you to communicate with people around the world. Through it you can reach people you never dreamed you’d be able to reach. With it you can add value to the lives of members and engage cyber-members. Wait… Cyber-members? That word isn’t even possible with out a website strategy.

The potential of a website is only limited by two things, budget and imagination. So what is your website strategy? Do you have one? If you don’t, hopefully you are beginning to understand that you really do need one. Your website will never be successful until you first create a strategy for it.

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