First Lady Cokes

Our First Lady is definitely on fire for our Lord. She is a great leader! We are so glad that God has allowed us to have such an awesome First Lady! She works in many capacities in the ministry but is most dedicated to ensuring that she supports her husband. Lady Cokes is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and entrepreneur. She conducts most of the worship service and keeps the spirit moving high throughout the services. She can pray like nobody’s business, a definite prayer warrior, someone we can count on to get our prayers through! Lady Cokes holds an MBA in Management, a BA in Criminal Justice and proudly operates several childcare businesses. She works tirelessly in our ministry and is certainly operating in her calling. She tells us every Sunday, “You have what you say!” Encouraging the congregants to speak into their lives the blessings of God. We love her and pray you will come experience her kindness, love and faithfulness.