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You can also support us by purchasing one of our bumper stickers. Many of us remember what happened to the USA on September 11, 2001. We were attacked from the air by terrorists. Many citizens lost their lives that day. Yet the USA survived. This sticker is to remind us that our blessing comes from the Lord. Ps 33:12

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We would also love for you to have one of our books: Praying Your Church Into Her Glorious Destiny by AMELDA Thomas-Jones, 2010, paperback. Price per book: $12.00. Shipping and handling for one book to anywhere in the CONUS: $3.99.


The writing of this book is intentional. My main purpose is to leave it as a gift, a legacy, for generations to come. These coming generations are not my “tomorrow” – they are my “today.” I am compelled of the Lord AmeldA to train them in hearing and responding to the small still voice of God – a discipline that has spanned the ages and flows from an intimate relationship with our loving Father God. It is imperative for the intercessor and person of prayer to have this intimate relationship with God because his voice is the only voice we should respond to in preparing the Church for His glorious return. My mandate from God is to prepare the Church to meet her destiny. Christ will return. He expects the Church to be a certain way: “…not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing,…” (Ephesians 5:27a).

At age nine, my grandmother mentored and coached me in the ways of intercessory prayer. We never prayed without the Bible open; and, as God would say something to her, I would see her go to the Bible and start praying what she was reading. She also taught me to hear and recognize the voice of God as Eli did for Samuel in 1 Sam 3:1-11, “Speak Lord, for Your servant hears.”

Rebellious as I may have been, I have never forgotten the tutelage of my grandmother through the years. Today I can still hear the soft voice of my Lord. It is His voice that inspires and direct my prayers. This legacy of hearing and praying the voice of God I have instilled in my biological children and pray that it would now be instilled in you through the reading of this book.

The Lord is calling the Church to be proactive and disciplined in prayer. This book focuses on four specific areas of how to “Pray Your Church into Her Glorious Destiny”:

1) Praying for your church

2) Praying in your prayer room

3) Praying for God’s vision

4) The intercessor’s response