Capitalizing on the Power of Your Website!

Launching your new website is only the beginning. Once you’ve launched it there is a lot more needed to keep it up to date and fresh. One of the worst mistakes a ministry can make is not keeping their website updated with fresh current information and graphics. You see, the ultimate goal of your website is three-fold: A) to extend your brand onto the internet; B) to create a medium whereby your audience can connect with your ministry or organization in a way that requires the least amount of attention and work on your end and; C) to build your influence via your internet audience. More on this article >>>

CMS: Taking the Keys to Your Website
Have you ever wanted to change the text on your website “immediately”? Although we typically turn around text updates in 24-48 hours, sometimes you just want to have control yourself. So you can make as many edits as often as you’d like to. Sound interesting?
Well we have responded to this request from our customers and clients with CMS (Content Management System) Control Panels that literally put YOU in the “driver’s seat” and give you the “keys” to your website.
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Set Your Hosting Payments on “Auto”
In our continuing effort to add value to our customers we are always searching for ways to make things easier for you. One of the great things that we provide is a stress-free way to automatically make your hosting payments each month. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to give us a credit card that you would like all your hosting payments automatically billed to each month. Once your information is securely in our system you will never have to worry about being late with a payment or worse, missing one and having to deal with the hassles of reconnection.
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