The Importance of Your Website Strategy

July 20th, 2014 / John Rainey / 0 comments

All successful people would agree that working at the strategic level is more profitable than working at the tactical level. Nothing beats having a clearly defined strategic plan for how you will operate in any specific area. Having a strong strategy is the key behind all success. Continue reading..

Overcoming Technology Intimidation

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God placed technology on the earth for the church so she could advance the message and cause of the Kingdom. But all too many people are intimidated by that technology. Yet God doesn’t want you to be intimidated by technology. Overcoming technology intimidation has a lot to do with simply replacing a ‘lack of knowledge in an area’ with accurate knowledge in that area. Once you get knowledge in an area it is amazing how much less intimidating it becomes. My job is to help you become comfortable with technology so you can use it to fulfill your divine assignment. Continue reading..

Church Website Systems

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Every successful organization becomes successful in part by its administration. Poor administration is the sign of a poor organization. With this in mind, successful organizations have learned the necessity of systematizing their processes in order to become more effective and efficient. However many times in the church we fight this concept if we have a culture of being “led by God”. Of course we should be led by God. But we must also understand that God, is a God of order and He is the originator of “systems”. Continue reading..

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

June 4th, 2014 / John Rainey / 0 comments

If you are not set up to receive credit card donations through your website and/or LIVE services, you are leaving money on the table. Increasingly more and more people prefer to use credit / debit cards for financial transactions as opposed to cash and checks. Just like businesses, churches and ministries must understand this and cater to their audience. How many successful businesses do you know that only accept cash and checks? Continue reading..

A Father Again

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It has been said that men are the basic building blocks of society. If this is true, then one foundational reason why our society is in such disrepair is because collectively men are in a state of disrepair. In fact the only reason why the family has not completely fallen apart in most cases, where the man is not present, is because of strong women and mothers. Yet the problems in our society and in our families can only really be fixed by godly men standing up to be examples of what real husbands and fathers are. Continue reading..

The Central Hub of Your Ministry

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your ministry is your ability to communicate with your audience. Unfortunately far too many ministries still operate from the antiquated position of communicating with their audience strictly from across the pulpit and / or weekly bulletins. This is a mistake. The main reason why this is such a big mistake is because it doesn’t take into account that times have drastically changed in the 21st Century. Continue reading..

The Importance of Your Domain Name

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Most people understand the importance and value of real estate at some level. One thing that makes real estate so valuable is that there is only one unique address for each section of real estate. Well your domain name is literally “cyber-real estate”. Continue reading..


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In the 21st Century, having a website is not only expected, it is required. Having a website gives a certain fundamental level of credibility to an organization, however any ministry that does not have a website is typically viewed as less than credible. In fact when a young adult or family is considering a visit to your ministry one of the first things they will want to do is check out your website. This allows them to get a feel for your ministry before actually deciding to attend. These young people have grown up in a world where all credible organizations have websites. So what do you suppose not having a website says to them? Continue reading..

A New Paradigm

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True 21st century ministry requires a new paradigm. As I mentioned in my eBook (Do You Realize the Power of Your Website?), it is essential that you think about your ministry differently. In order to communicate with your audience you must embrace the “virtual world”. By this I mean that you can no longer look at your audience as just the people who show up on Sunday and Wednesday. Rather you must embrace your total audience. This would include people who are absent on any given Sunday as well as people who don’t physically attend and even people who belong to other churches, but follow your ministry. These groups comprise your “virtual audience”. Continue reading..

Do You Realize the Power of Your Website?

February 9th, 2014 / John Rainey / Comments Off

Well I’m excited to announce that we have completed our first eBook entitled, “Do You Realize the Power of Your Website?” In this eBook I was able to take my time and share concepts that we believe churches and ministries need to understand in order to harness the incredible potential of their website. Only then will a ministry be able to leverage the technology and utilize properly.

So I encourage you to check out our eBook ( Each chapter includes audio narration to make it easy. You can even listen to a chapter or two and then come back and listen to more as time permits. And if you find the information to be helpful, please refer it to a friend. Our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God and the only way we can do this is by reaching and helping more and more churches, ministries and kingdom minded businesses.