A Great Deal. We have put this awesome package together to help ministries get a first-class website to represent their respective organizations, without spending a large amount of money.

The way we are able to do this is by creating awesome templates and customizing them to fit your needs. By systematizing this process, we are able to offer these websites and other more elaborate sites at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

Now, in order to make this offer available to ministries and organizations across the country, there are certain terms that we must adhere to.

Ownership. All graphics and website templates are the sole copyright property of Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc., which is the parent company of eKingdomSites, and are not transferable or for sale.

Templates. Once you choose the template design you want, you will need to forward any photos, images, and text to us so that we can customize the site. Please note that only certain parts of each template website can be edited (photo areas, colors in certain areas, and text). We do not perform edits outside of the areas where edits are offered.

Hosting. In order to take advantage of this awesome opportunity, you must secure hosting through eKingdomSites (please see our Hosting Account Packages). Please take the time to fill out the hosting information section of the “Place Your Order” form and set up your account. Please note that your order will not be processed until your hosting account is set up. Please note that we require a minimum two-year hosting commitment. An early termination fee is applicable for customers wishing to terminate their hosting before the two-year period.

Payment Methods. We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Corporate Check, Cashier’s Check, and Money Order. Please note that all non-certified checks must clear before your project will be started.

Updates. In order to keep your site up-to-date with the most current information, we provide one round of free HTML text updates each month for our customer’s websites. All text updates must be sent to us via our online form or via email. We do not accept verbal or fax updates. All graphic and animation updates must be performed by eKingdomSites. Customers are not allowed to edit the code, graphics, or animation. Our updates are generally very affordable for everyone. [See our Website Updating Fees]

Cancellation. You are free to cancel your Hosting & Management service at any time. Please be advised that our template design files are not transferrable.

Refunds. All sales are final. We do not provide refunds.