Every successful organization (business or ministry) has a ‘Brand’. Branding is the overall “perceived corporate image” as a whole. The logo is only a part of this. Branding actually encompasses things like your color scheme, logo, slogan and all your corporate imagery. Although all these visual images make up the foundation of your brand, your branding extends beyond just that. It can also include music (theme songs), certain verbiage, slogans and mottos, etc. Literally your branding can also be called your complete ‘Corporate Culture’.

Now as I mentioned, although branding is more than the visuals, the visuals form the foundation of your brand. Therefore having all your visuals in place is critically important to the success of your branding effort. And the success of your branding effort is of critical importance because this becomes the emotional takeaway that people have after experiencing your organization.

The ‘emotional takeaway’ is literally forms the impression that people form about your organization. This is why it has been said, “You never get a second, first impression.” The initial impressions that people get about your ministry is critical. Do they see you as a ‘stand out’ ministry of excellence or an average ministry? Do they see the excellence of your ministry and view you as a “Winner” and feel like they want to be a part? All of these things have to do with the ‘emotional takeaway’ of your ministry.

Put a different way, we might say it like this, “People will always RECEIVE you the way that they PERCEIVE you.” This is a principle that God taught me about image some years ago. This is important because we can control, to a great degree, how people “perceive” our ministry or organization. Therefore we must do everything in our power to create a perception of excellence. If people perceive you as a ministry of excellence that is going somewhere, they will also receive you as a ministry of excellence. Consequently they will be drawn to you.

You must understand that human nature causes us to be attracted to “winners”. If your ministry is not perceived as a “winner” your growth will never reach its full potential. Branding is a critical part of this because it declares to the world that this is a ministry of excellence. Therefore if you don’t have branding in place I urge you to do so quickly. If you do have branding, but it doesn’t represent you in excellence, I would strongly urge you to correct this problem.

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