One of the keys to a successful campaign and event is the visual collaterals. When people receive the collaterals promoting your event, what impression are they left with?

Perception = Reception
Again you must understand that perception is the key to how your product or event will be received. If people perceive your product or event to be that of excellence, they will automatically be more inclined to receive it as such and either attend the event or purchase the product. We could also say it like this. “If people perceive you as a ministry of excellence they will receive you as a ministry of excellence and give you another level of respect and honor as well as a higher degree of priority in their lives. Of course the opposite is also true. If they perceive you to be a ministry of mediocrity, they will receive you as a ministry of mediocrity and afford you a comparable level of respect, honor and priority based upon your presentation of yourself and their perception of you.

So you should ask the following questions,

How do people perceive my ministry?
What type of image do we project? Is it an image of excellence?
Are we attaining the levels of success that we want?
Was our last event successful from the perspective of attendance?
Can we do anything to improve the level of excellence that we project?
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