One of the most important parts of your ministry is your Media Department. This is a very important part of your ministry because it is a “Profit Center”. It literally can bring in a good deal of finances into the ministry or to the author, depending on how you approach that.

But in order for your Media Department to reach its potential in terms of sales, you must perfect the packaging of your products. Ministries of excellence always project an image of excellence in this area. As a result their sales are typically always above average. So here are some things that you need to consider.

CD / DVD Sleeves & CD / DVD Labels

Do you individual CD or DVDs reflect excellence? We can help you create a cost effective image in line with your brand, that reflects excellence with every CD or DVD sale.

CD / DVD Sermon Album Covers

Do you teach or preach in “series”? If so you should consider having professional packaging designed for each series. Please understand that we do judge a book by its cover. Therefore we must make sure that every sermon series has a cover that commands attention and aids in the sales process.

Book Covers & Book Publishing

Do you have ‘books’ on the inside of you? Well we can help you give birth to them. We can create a book cover that gets the attention of your audience, again aiding you in the sales process. The cover design is actually too important to be careless with. This is NOT the area you want to be cheap with. Additionally, if you need help with editing, ghost writing and publishing, we can help you with all those things.

Product Catalogs & Point of Purchase Signage

If you have a mailing list of partners, you may want to consider putting together a catalog of your products. Additionally if you have a bookstore or area where you sell products, having Point of Purchase signs can really aid in your sales by drawing attention to products your audience may be interested in.

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