The main advantage of using template website themes is that you don’t have to pay for the full creation and development of the site, which is normally $3000 or more. Instead you can pick a design that you like and give us your photos, text and color scheme and we’ll customize it accordingly saving you a great deal of money.
All template website themes represented on this site are the sole intellectual copyright property of eKingdomSites.com a subsidiary of Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc.
We have a 5 Step Process for customizing template website orders for our clients.
Just like all the pieces of a puzzle are required before you can put it together, likewise before we can put your website together we must have all its pieces. During this first stage, the following things must happen:
· The client completes and submits the order form.
· The client pays the deposit
· The client signs the Up Front Agreement
· The client submits their content (photos, text and images)
In the second stage of the project our creative team gets into gear and begins working on your project doing the following:
· Customizing the home page
· Creating the banners for the various pages of the site
· The Project Manager reviews all designs and forwards to the Creative Director
· The Creative Director reviews all designs
o If not approved, revisions are sent back to the designer
o When approved we move to the next stage
During this stage of the project the Project Manager works very closely with the Web Developer and Programmer to assemble the pages and content into a fully functional website. This test site is then reviewed by the Project Manager. When approved it is sent to the Creative Director. When approved it is sent to the client.
As we enter into the final stretch of the project, we send the test site to the client for review. At this point the client will review and itemize any revisions that need to be executed. Then once approved by the client we begin the final stage.
The final stage of the project is the Launch Process. During this process our programming team takes care of all the final details to launch the site and make it LIVE. Once this is completed we alert the client via email and give them the Content Management System (CMS) access information.
Because all template designs are the intellectual property of eKingdomSites.com, our monthly hosting and management service is required to use any of our template themes. The standard monthly price for our hosting service is $45 and includes the following things:

· Publishing and maintaining the website on the Internet

· Back end technical support including software updates as needed

· Content Management System support. We provide instructions, telephone support and telephone training as needed.

· Peace of Mind Plan. Protects you in the event of any technical problem (large or small).

· Free Websites for Life Plan. Buy your website once and get free website upgrades every 3 years thereafter.
This is an amazing system that functions on the back-end of your website and, as the name implies, allows you to manage the content of the site, adding or removing content as needed. When your site is launched we provide access (login info) to that system along with instructions. We also give our clients telephone support if you have questions or problems. Please call 734-326-3875 x2 and ask for Lei-Lana (projects@ekingdomsites.com).
With the increasing complexity of websites and the thousands of files required to create all the functionality of the site on the front and back ends, we have included this as an insurance policy to protect our clients from any technical problems (large or small) that they may encounter that could otherwise be very costly. This plan protects against any human errors related to the Content Management System and also protects you in the unlikely event that your site is hacked.
This amazing plan is included with all new website purchases as of 2018 and gives the enrolled client a free website (new template design) and up-to-date technology every 3 years (by request), effectively eliminating the need to ever purchase another website.

By Request. Although you are automatically eligible for a new website every 3 years once enrolled in this plan, you must request the upgrade. We don’t automatically change it. This is to give you control over the scheduling of the upgrade.

Requires Our Hosting. This plan requires our hosting and management services be in place and paid on time for 3 years (36 consecutive months).
All hosting payments are made in advance and are due on the first of each month. We extend a 5 business day (one week) grace period to our clients. If payment is not received by the 7th of the month hosting suspension notices are sent out and sites are disconnected between the 10th and 15th of the month.

Hosting can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can choose which period works best for you.

Please be aware that if you choose to pay annually we will give you a special bonus of a $100 annually renewing Creative Credit for each year that you make one annual payment. This Creative Credit can be used on any creative or programming project that you do with our company. But it cannot be applied to hosting payments or print projects.

We accept several different forms of payment. However, because we are endeavoring to keep our prices from increasing as much as possible we ask that you would consider using our favorite payment methods:

· Cash.app – This is a wonderful app that you can use to send money to anyone.
· PopMoney.com – This is another app that you can use to send money to people.
· Recurring Bank Check Payments through the Online Bill Pay at your bank.

We also accept the following credit cards with a 3% service fee added per transaction:

· Visa
· MasterCard

We do not accept American Express or Discover cards.

Bonus for Recurring Payments. Any payments that are setup and maintained to automatically recur, which arrive in our office on or before the 1st of each month is eligible for our annually renewing $100 Creative Credit, which can be applied towards any graphic, creative, website or programming project.

On-Time Payments. We reward on-time payments. If your hosting payments are not automatically recurring but you make sure they arrive in our office on or before the 1st of each month for 12 consecutive months we will give you a $100 Creative Credit, which can be applied towards any graphic, creative, website or programming project.