When a person visits your website now, do you have any idea that they’ve visited? Normally speaking most people have no idea when a person visits unless they tell you that they saw your website. Well what if there was a way to collect contact information from your visitors? What if that information could be recorded so you would be able to engage your visitors? This system makes you aware of visitors to your website and enables you to convert visitors into potential members and thereby grow your ministry.

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Member Service Center

With our Member Service Center (MSC) you will be able to serve your members better by enabling them to easily request the routine services that your ministry offers by completing an online form that collects all their pertinent information.

Excellent Customer Service

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom, you and your ministry are extremely important to God’s agenda in the earth. But how many companies actually understand that ? Well we get it. And because we love God’s Kingdom we are passionate about hel