Celebrating the extraordinary achievements of african americans

George Washington Carver

January 1, 1864 - January 5, 1943

Scientist, Inventor, Chemist, Botanist

George Washington Carver, an African-American was born on January 1, 1864 in Missouri. He was born as a slave just a year before the slavery practice was outlawed. He was an agricultural scientist and inventor who invented several products such as milk, plastics, paints, cosmetics, dyes, soap, ink, medicinal oils and so on, using peanuts, sweet potatoes, soybeans, etc.

As a result of his desire for knowledge, George Carver left home to travel to a school for the black children about 10 miles away. He attended several schools and later received his diploma at Minneapolis High School in Minneapolis, Kansas. Although he was accepted to Highland College in Highland, Kansas, Carver was later denied admittance by the College administrators, as a result of his race and/or racial bias against the blacks. This denial didn’t deter him from studying as he continued to study at home, and conducted biological experiments and compiled a geological collection. Though he was interested in sciences, he was also interested in arts, and as a result of this, he went to study art and music at Simpson College in Iowa in 1890. Carver continued to excel in his studies as he earned hisMaster’s degree after his Bachelor of Science degree at Iowa StateUniversity.

After his graduation from Iowa State, Carver went to teaching and research at Tuskegee University. Under his leadership, Tuskegee’s agricultural department recorded nationally renowned achievements. He led researches and trainings in areas such as methods of crop rotation and the development of alternative cash crops for famers from areas with heavily planted cotton, which helped during the harsh conditions such as the devastationof the boll weevil in 1892.

Apart from his inventions, Carver is also known for speaking against racial inequality in the United States, for writing a syndicated newspaper column, for painting, etc. Carver fell down from the stairs in his home, and died on January 5, 1943, at the age of 78.