Member Service Center

With our Member Service Center (MSC) you will be able to serve your members better by enabling them to easily request the routine services that your ministry offers by completing an online form that collects all their pertinent information. Once completed the form is routed to the appropriate administrative person for follow up. Our MSC will both streamline and systematize the routine requests of your members making things easier for your administrative staff and saving them time.

Excellent Customer Service

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom, you and your ministry are extremely important to God’s agenda in the earth. But how many companies actually understand that ? Well we get it. And because we love God’s Kingdom we are passionate about helping it advance. By partnering with you we believe we are doing that. So you will always receive the best customer service possible.

Cost Effective Payment Plans Available

We have one of the most flexible and cost effective payment plans available. Select one of our templates website packages which start as low as $400 and break it up into as many as 4 monthly installments. What’s even better? You don’t have to wait until the website is paid in full before it is launched. We’ll actually work on your site , complete it, and launch it on the internet, all while you are still making your monthly payments.


The mobile revolution has changed the game. As a 21st Century ministry you must be able to take advantage of the technology that your members use on a regular basis. How valuable would it be to you to be able to send mass text messages to your members in the event of the cancellation of servi ces due to inclement weather or some other important message that needs to be communicated? With this system (available in our Platinum Package) you will be able to communicate via SMS / Text message with your members.


When a person visits your website now, do you have any idea that they’ve visited? Normally speaking most people have no idea when a person visits unless they tell you that they saw your website. Well what if there was a way to collect contact information from your visitors? What if that information could be recorded so you would be able to engage your visitors? This system makes you aware of visitors to your website and enables you to convert visitors into potential members and thereby grow your ministry.